Invited Session Proposal Submission

Accepted Sessions

The NESS Program Committee underscores that a successful invited session proposal is characterized by interesting and timely topics that are thoughtfully developed and include speakers representing the diversity of statistical science and society, including disciplinary field, gender, ethnicity, and institution.

  • Each invited session will be 100 minutes long with 4 speakers (or 3 speakers and a discussant) and a chair. Each speaker will have 25 minutes for presentation (including discussion and Q&A). The organizer can be a chair and/or participant in the session they are organizing. Session proposals are due by April 22, 2024.
  • All participants of the invited sessions that are accepted will be required to register for the conference by paying the registration fee.
  • The registration ID will be required to submit the title and abstract by May 6, 2024. Registration fee can be found here:
  • All speakers should attend the conference in-person and present onsite.
  • Organizers need to contact speakers and obtain their consent prior to proposing them as potential speakers in the invited session. A speaker can speak in at most one session.
  • An invited panel discussion can also be proposed with 4 panelists and a moderator.

Due to limited capacity, we may need to select which sessions will be featured at the conference from among the submissions.

Invited Session Proposal Submission has been closed.

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