Student Paper Sessions

Schedule of Student Paper Sessions

Student Paper Sessions will be held in McHugh 306
Schedule   Session Number Author affiliation Co-authors Title Participation
May 22 AM 1 Casey Bradshaw Columbia University David Blei A Bayesian Model of Underreporting for Sexual Assault on College Campuses In-person
May 22 AM 1 Mukai Wang University of Michigan Simon Fontaine, Hui Jiang, Gen Li ADAPT: Analysis of Microbiome Differential Abundance by Pooling Tobit Models In-person
May 22 AM 1 Yunyi Shen MIT Lorenzo Masoero, Joshua G. Schraiber, Tamara Broderick Double trouble: Predicting new variant counts across two heterogeneous populations In-person
May 22 AM 1 Harsh Vardhan Dubey University of Massachusetts Amherst Ji Ah Lee, Patrick Flaherty Maximum a Posteriori Inference for Factor Graphs via Benders' Decomposition In-person
May 22 AM 1 Zoe Gibbs McBride University of Connecticut Xiaojing Wang, Timothy Moore, Erin Mead-Morse A Bayesian Joint Hierarchical Modeling Approach to Determining the Impact of Flavoring on the Addictiveness of Cigars In-person
May 22 AM 2 Gauri Kamat Brown University Mingyang Shan, Roee Gutman A Bayesian Record Linkage Approach that Adjusts for Variables in One File Remotely
May 22 PM 2 Marianthie Wank University of Michigan Roy N. Tamura, Kelley M. Kidwell, Thomas M. Braun, Sarah Medley A Partially Randomized Patient Preference, Sequential, Multiple-Assignment, Randomized Trial Design Analyzed via Weighted and Replicated Frequentist and Bayesian Methods Remotely
May 22 PM 2 Gözde Sert Texas A&M University Abhishek Chakrabortty, Anirban Bhattacharya Bayesian Semi-supervised Inference via a Debiased Modeling Approach Remotely
May 22 PM 2 Sayantan Paul Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India Asymptotic Bayes Optiamlity for Sparse Count Data Remotely
May 22 PM 2 Lucas Godoy Garraza University of Massachusetts Amherst Leontine Alkema, Ilene S Speizer Combining BART and Principal Stratification to estimate the effect of intermediate on primary outcomes with application to estimating the effect of family planning on employment in sub-Saharan Africa. Remotely
May 22 PM 3 Yufan Li Harvard University Pragya Sur Spectrum-Aware Adjustment: A New Debiasing Framework with Applications to Principal Component Regression In-person
May 22 PM 3 Heeju Lim University of Connecticut José Alejandro Ordoñez, Antonio Punzo, Victor Hugo Lachos Davila Heckman selection - contaminated normal model In-person
May 22 PM 3 Zeling He Emory University Felicia Goldstein Likelihood-Based Inference for Assessing Biases in Multi-Item Measurement of a Latent Trait In-person
May 22 PM 3 Yiming Li Columbia University, NY Xuehan Yang, Molei, Liu and Ying, Wei Robust and Ecient Integration of Blockwise Missing and Semi-Supervised Data In-person
May 22 PM 3 Jon Gordon Bentley University Are Arbitration Eligible MLB Players Paid Fairly?
May 23 AM 4 Qingyi Pan Tsinghua University & Purdue University Ruqi Zhang Reliable Multivariate Deep Regression using Moment-Matching Prior Networks Remotely
May 23 AM 4 Omar Hagrass The Pennsylvania State University Bharath Sriperumbudur and Krishna Balasubramanian Minimax Optimal Goodness-of-Fit Testing with Kernel Stein Discrepancy. Remotely
May 23 AM 4 Runshi Tang University of Wisconsin-Madison Ming Yuan, Anru Zhang Mode-wise Principal Subspace Pursuit and Matrix Spiked Covariance Model Remotely
May 23 AM 4 Dongwoo Kim The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Transfer Learning for Covariance Matrix Estimation: Optimality and Adaptivity Remotely
May 23 AM 4 Tianyu Wang Columbia University Garud Iyengar, Henry Lam Optimizer’s Information Criterion: Dissecting and Correcting Bias in Data-Driven Optimization Remotely
May 23 PM 5 Kyle Stanley The Pennsylvania State University Matthew Reimherr, Nicole A. Lazar Functional Factor Modeling of Brain Connectivity In-person
May 23 PM 5 Sydney Louit University of Connecticut Panpan Zhang, Evan Clark, Alexander Gelbard, Niketna Vivek CALF-SBM: A Covariate-Assisted Latent Factor Stochastic Block Model In-person
May 23 PM 5 Anjali Albert UMass Amherst Aaron Schein, Patrick Flaherty Doubly Non-Central Beta Matrix Factorization for Stable Dimensionality Reduction of Bounded Support Matrix Data In-person
May 23 PM 5 Wenbo Jing New York University Yichen Zhang, Elynn Chen and Xi Chen Distributed Tensor PCA with Heterogeneous Data In-person
May 23 PM 5 Madhav Sankaranarayanan Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Intekhab Hossain, Tom Chen A Distribution-free Mixed Integer Optimization Approach to Hierarchical Modelling of Clustered and Longitudinal Data In-person
May 23 PM 6 Souhardya Sengupta Department of Statistics, Harvard University Lucas Janson Leveraging sparsity in the Gaussian linear model for improved inference Remotely
May 23 PM 6 Jiantong Wang University of Cincinnati Heng Lian, Yan Yu, Heping Zhang Identifying Genetic Variants for Obesity Incorporating Prior Insights: Quantile Regression with Insight Fusion for Ultra-high Dimensional Data Remotely
May 23 PM 6 Zhoujingpeng Wei Universitry of Wisconsin-Madison Guanhua Chen Melody: Meta-analysis of Microbiome Association Studies for Discovering Generalizable Microbial Signatures Remotely
May 23 PM 6 Jiachen Chen Boston University School of Public Health Joanne Murabito and Kathryn Lunetta A Statistical Testing Framework for Difference and Similarity of Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models with Application to Proteomic Networks Remotely
May 23 PM 6 Xin Wei Brown University Hao Wu Target-oriented Reference Construction for supervised cell type identification in scRNA-seq Remotely
May 24 AM 7 Chenyin Gao North Carolina State University Anru Zhang Causal Inference on Sequential Treatments via Tensor Completion Remotely
May 24 AM 7 Elizabeth Amona Virginia Commonwealth University Ryad Ghanam Studying Disease Reinfection Rates, Vaccine Efficacy and the Timing of Vaccine Rollout in the context of Infectious Diseases Remotely
May 24 AM 7 Yipeng Wang University of Florida Lifeng Lin Refined methods for trial sequential analyses in living systematic reviews Remotely
May 24 AM 7 Sofia Vega Harvard University Dr. Rachel C. Nethery Spatio-temporal quasi-experimental methods for rare disease outcomes: The impact of reformulated gasoline on childhood hematologic cancer Remotely
May 24 AM 7 Yingfa Xie University of Connecticut Unobserved Heterogeneity in Threshold Regression Based on the Hitting Times of a Reflected Brownian Motion for Recurrent Hypoglycemia Remotely
May 24 PM 8 Duy Minh Pham Worcester Polytechnic Institute LOOL: Flexible & Robust Estimator of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Remotely
May 24 PM 8 Yi Zhang Harvard University Kosuke Imai Individualized Policy Evaluation and Learning under Clustered Network Interference Remotely
May 24 PM 8 Zhenyu Xu University of Connecticut Jason P. Fine, Wenling Song, Jun Yan On GEE for Mean-Variance-Correlation Models: Variance Estimation and Model Selection Remotely
May 24 PM 8 Yikun Zhang University of Washington Alexander Giessing, Yen-Chi Chen Efficient Inference on High-Dimensional Linear Models with Missing Outcomes Remotely
May 24 PM 8 Ping-Han Huang Arizona State University New Pilot Study Design on Functional Data Analysis Remotely